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Deconvolving Diffraction for Fast
Imaging of Sparse Scenes

Mark Sheinin, Matthew O'Toole and Srinivasa Narasimhan

TL;DR abstract
We present a method for capturing high-speed videos of sparse scenes.

Narrated 12min technical paper talk

More details coming very soon...


  title={Deconvolving Diffraction for Fast Imaging of Sparse Scenes},
  author={M. Sheinin and M. O'Toole and S. G. Narasimhan},
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We thank Brendt Wohlberg for the support with the SPORCO Python package, Justin Macey for lending us the motion capture suit and markers, Adithya Pediredla and Dinesh Reddy for help with the motion capture experiments. This work was supported in parts by NSF Grants IIS-1900821 and CCF-1730147. Mark Sheinin was partly supported by the Andrew and Erna Finci Viterbi Foundation.